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More Visits? More Clients? More Sales? Web Design, Web Analytics and Digital Marketing, a 3-dimensional web solution for all your online business needs. The Analytics Garage offer premium quality website design to clientele. We are a digital marketing company in Ireland offer expertise in business and eCommerce website design as well as digital marketing services. Combining the latest technologies with a comprehensive knowledge will assist you in accomplishing a prominent growth in your business. We fulfill your business needs and ensure overall success for your endeavor without charging a hefty pay-cheque. To us, success lies in excellence.






Increase your customer reach through data driven tactics
Our PPC, SEO,SMM and more can help you drive traffic, generate conversion and high online brand loyalty. The Analytics Garage can be your partner to success when it comes to establishing a visible web presence. Our digital marketing services follow and omni channel approach to fetch measurable results. Ever since our inception, our digital marketing company has helped websites pave the way to success. We employ our experience and insight to address your Internet marketing needs. Avail of our personalised and fully integrated solutions to transform consumer intent into conversion.





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Analytics & Services in our Garage


Web Design

Our Web Design team listens to your needs to make a successful website that will generate quality leads and sales. We have all the best tools for excellence in website design and the provision of Ecommerce website solutions. Your website is your company’s most important marketing tool to make a real impact on your customers.


Google Analytics Audit & Config

We go beyond a basic installation to recommend and implement advanced measurement strategies to enable the kind of google analytics that impacts your bottom line. We implement your tagging and tracking with the industry-leading tag management solution.


Web Marketing & Measurement

We are fanatics for great results as the end point. We’re not happy with a campaign unless it is continuously improving. All our decisions are data driven so you can be comfortable your investments will achieve the desired ROI.


Communication & Reporting

We start with your desired KPI’s. We define the success metrics on your website and we communicate bilaterally with you on the performance so you have immediate insights on how your campaigns are performing to ensure they are more targeted and effective. We provide automated reporting as well as one to one updates so all channels of communication are open.


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Tips To Write SEO Friendly Content

Tips To Write SEO Friendly Content

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